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Asinoseal Co.,Ltd 

Asinoseal Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful garden city ---Zhangjiagang ,which is near Shanghai , Wuxi International Airport,with very convenient transportation . The company is mainly engaged in R&D,production and sales of sealing products and sealing systems . covering an area of over 4000 square meters , Asinoseal has the worlds’ leading machinery equipment and plant . In recent years , the company continued to introduce advanced production and testing equipment to ensure product quality,all inspection processes are in line with the ISO9001:2000 standard.

Asinoseal Co.,Ltd has the most experienced engineers in the fluid machinery field: Designing a variety of customized mechanical seals, developing solutions and providing on-site service.They always maintain close cooperation and contact with sealing experts from famous

brand company, universities, research institutes , continuing to learn advanced technology at home and abroad to develop new products to meet market demand . A large number of our technical personnels have decades of experience in the fluid machinery industry.

We are always committed to the imported mechanical seals localization and have accumulated a wealth of experience .Our product range includes Component Seals,Metal Bellow Seals,Cartridge Seals,Agitator seals,Dry Gas Seals and Split Seals.Silicone Carbide,Tungsten Carbide,Graphite and Ceramic products are also available.We also make pump shaft and pump shaft sleeve for our end-user clients.

To develop domestic and international markets,Asinoseal focuses on high quality products,good service,competitive prices and prompt delivery over the years.Our clients include many well-known companies in the field of Gas and Oil,Powerstations,Chemical,Pulp and Paper,Food and Pharma,Marine and etc…Asinoseal’s products spread all around the world ,with business partners in more than 40 countries and regions,eager to establish long-term business relationship with you soon.

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